Dust, Grit, and Glory: Rally Race Mindset

Picture this: mile after grueling mile of scorching desert dunes rolling endlessly toward the horizon.[...]

Rally Motorcycle Prep: The Basics

If you’re thinking of entering your very first race, the words “rally motorcycle” probably conjure[...]

Tobias Ebster: From Pizza Delivery to Rally Dakar Champion

In the rugged world of Rally Dakar off-road racing, where grit, determination, and sheer skill[...]

Do you need a Motorcycle Skid Plate? Armor for Your Ride

Here at Cross Country ADV, we love debating bike mods: rally mods, adventure motorcycle mods,[...]


Essential Adventure Motorcycle Mods: Things That Work

Do you need rally mods for your adventure motorcycle if you’re not planning to race?[...]

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Mods: The Race Build

We’ve already talked about the T7 mods for those of you wanting to take this[...]

Husqvarna 701 Mods for Rally Racing

Got a Husky and itching to race? We know the feeling – and frankly, these[...]

Decoding Rally Footpeg Rust: Why It’s Not a Concern

Noticed rally footpeg rust? We hear you! However, while the sight of rust might set[...]

Essential Ducati Desert X Mods for Rally & Dirt

Giving the Yamaha Tenere 700 and Aprilia Tuareg 660 a run for their money, Ducati[...]

Defying Stereotypes: Meet Eliza, a Moto Badass and Founder of MEFO Sport Polska

In a world where gender stereotypes persist, breaking through barriers and pursuing your passion can[...]

Yamaha Tenere 700 for a RTW Trip

A Yamaha Tenere 700 for a RTW trip? That’s a hell yes from Nuno Castanheira,[...]

KTM 690 Mods for Enduro and Rally Racing

If you are an adventure or rally rider, you know that having the right modifications[...]

Amine Echiguer: World Cup Title at the Andalucia Rally

Just two years ago, Amine Echiguer has made a splash in the rally racing scene[...]

Yamaha Tenere 700 Mods: Here’s Why You Need Them

Yamaha, it seems, has hit the nail on the head when they came out with[...]

Yann Charron: African Adventures and Amateur Rally Racing

More and more, as travelers look for new challengers and rally organizers are happy to[...]

Yamaha Tenere 700 Footpegs: Improve your Ride

So you’ve got a T7 – congratulations! It’s an awesome bike meant for adventure, dirt,[...]


Dirt Bike Footpegs Explained

Dirt bike footpegs are one of the most important points of contact with your motorcycle[...]

Women in Rally Racing: Ines Stanic

Just a decade ago, women in rally racing were a rare sight. Sure, we’ve all[...]

Winter Motorcycle Maintenance: Farkle Up

For most of us, the cold season means two things: less riding, more garage time.[...]

Dinaric Rally 2022: Recap and Ride Report

Dinaric Rally seems to be the fastest-growing rally race in Europe, and if you haven’t[...]


Why You Need Better Motorcycle Foot Pegs

If you ride a bike, chances are, you’ve modified it to some degree – and[...]


What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022

Dinaric Rally 2022 is the third edition of a race that cropped up in Croatia[...]

Adventure Riding on Steroids: from RTW Trips to Rally Racing

Could you imagine riding North and South America on a dual-sport bike with almost zero[...]

Hellas Rally Raid 2022: Recap

Hellas Rally Raid 2022 saw a record number of participants this year, including rally stars[...]


Rally Footpegs Review: Arunas Gelazninkas

Here at Cross Country ADV, we’ve been working on perfecting our rally footpegs for years[...]

Tunisia Desert Challenge

The brainchild of Gert Duson and his team – the organizers behind the Morocco Desert[...]

Gunnar Roland: Adventure to Rally and Beyond

How do you go from riding local trails and adventuring here and there to competing[...]

 Rally Training Schools

If you’re considering entering a rally race, prep is essential – both in terms of[...]


Hellas Rally 2022 News

Hellas Rally Raid 2022 is going to be an epic race – and it’s not[...]

Around the World on a KTM 500: The Braaping Kiwi

Would you ride around the world on a KTM 500? If it sounds like mission[...]

What Gear Do You Need to Race a Rally?

Here at Cross Country ADV, we’ve already talked about rally bikes, rally budgets, and even[...]

How to Train for a Rally Race on Your Own

As the European rally racing scene is exploding, rally training schools and events are cropping[...]

Rally Roundup: Rally Races to Enter in 2022

Planning to race your first rally or looking for new events to try out? In[...]

Intercontinental Rally: The Real Way to Dakar

When Rally Dakar moved out of Africa, the traditional Paris-Dakar route was left abandoned. Unsurprisingly,[...]

Baja to Dakar: A Life of Racing

James West, a Scottish rally racer and founder of Crazy Camel, a Dubai-based off-road and[...]

From Riding the TET to Racing a Rally

If you’re an avid TET (Trans Euro Trail) rider, chances are, your off-road skills are[...]

Dakar Rally 2022: No More DNFs

Dakar Rally 2022 has ended with Brit Sam Sunderland taking the win aboard a GasGas[...]

How to Choose Rally Footpegs

Ready for one simple and easy bike mod that will make a massive difference in[...]

Simple Rally Racing Tips No One Will Tell You

If you’re preparing for your first rally race, we trust you’ve already read the Hellas[...]

Rally Bike Build: Where to Begin

Ready for your very own rally bike build? As the winter has forced many of[...]


Winning the Dakar Malle Moto: Meet Arunas Gelazninkas

Rally Dakar Malle Moto class, now renamed to Original by Motul, is the most difficult[...]


Where to Watch Rally Dakar in 2022

Where to watch Rally Dakar in 2022, if you’re hoping to tune in live and[...]


Why Riding Adventure Bikes Is Great Rally Training

We already talked about how adventure riding is the perfect intro for rally racing; but[...]

Rally Racing Myths Debunked

Curious about rally racing, but fear it’s too inaccessible for mere mortals, average adventure riders,[...]

Rallye du Maroc Review: Can Quintanilla Win the Dakar?

For motorsports enthusiasts that follow the Rallye du Maroc, this year was full of surprises:[...]

Hispania Rally 2021 Was a Bust…Now What?

This year’s Hispania Rally was supposed to be one of the last European rally races[...]

The Girl on a Bike vs The Rally World

Vanessa Ruck, aka The Girl On a Bike, is an adventure-loving go-getter who finds fulfillment[...]


Meet Amine Echiguer, The Moroccan Rider Who Won the Rallye du Maroc Enduro Cup

Rallye du Maroc needs no introduction – it’s a brutal rally race designed to single[...]


SWANK Sardinia Rally Review

Classic motorcycles, custom bike builds, a crowd of rally-crazy riders, and old Paris-Dakar vibes: welcome[...]

Rally Racing on a Budget: It Can Be Done

Let’s face it, rally racing isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. Race entry and other fees[...]

Greece Rally 2021: Among the Dakar Stars

Created by a group of people known as the Off-Road Team, the folks behind the[...]

Africa Eco Race 2022

Created in 2008 with the sheer goal to rediscover Africa, the Africa Eco Race has[...]

Road to Dakar 2022: Wolfgang Payr

Using the bike’s own power, pushing, and pulling, we were deep in a rocky, slippery[...]

Bosnia Rally Review

Bosnia Rally, a cross-country roadbook navigation event held annually in Kupres, Bosnia, is designed to[...]

Dinaric Rally Now Underway

Just last year, the Dinaric Rally was an ambitious but brand-new cross-country rally race offering[...]

RTW to Rally: Far and Further

For Pavel Kunc, adventure motorcycling is a lifestyle rather than a once-in-a-lifetime trip of the[...]

Hungarian Baja: Survival Guide

Hungarian Baja, one of Europe’s best Baja events, had a star entry list this year:[...]

Hispania Rally: The Wild Edition

2021 has been a turbulent year for Jairo Segarra and Domingo Aguilar, organizers of the[...]


Manuel Lucchese: for Dakar, Mindset Is Everything

Manuel Lucchese, an Italian rally bike builder, 2016 Dakar Rally 3rd place winner of the[...]

Rallye du Maroc Is Back On the Menu

Rallye du Maroc has always been one of the big North African rallies that counted[...]


Race In Style: SWANK Rally Sardinia

What if there was a rally combining the elements of roadbook navigation, vintage bike nostalgia,[...]

Bosnia Rally: Training to Race

Entering your first rally may sound daunting, so if you’re not quite ready to race,[...]


Tree Surgeon to Rally Racer: Willem Avenant

Is it possible to go from adventure riding to rally racing when you’re an ordinary[...]

Iberian Rally Moves to Greece

Were you going to race the Iberian Rally? If so, pack your panniers for Greece:[...]

Dinaric Rally: 5 Days of Gnarly Trails

A brand new event that has grown with explosive force in just one year, Dinaric[...]

1000 Dunas: Desert Rally for Adventure Riders

Big desert rallies are out of reach for us mere adventure riders… Or are they?[...]

Silk Way Rally Changes Course, Walkner Leads

Already well underway, Silk Way Rally has faced the challenge of changing the route: due[...]

Gibraltar Race Now Underway

The traditional Gibraltar Race, a trans-continent rally taking riders from Romania to Gibraltar via Hungary,[...]


Silk Way Rally About to Kick off in Russia

Silk Way Rally, one of the fastest-growing cross-country rally races in the world, is about[...]

Doing a Rally Race as a Beginner: Bivouac Basics

So you’re ready to race, but Rally Dakar seems out of reach, and the rally[...]

Rally Training: Why Adventure Motorcycling is the Perfect Intro to Rally

Do you ride an adventure bike? If so, you may be in the perfect position[...]

Joey Evans: Rally Advice from a Dakar Hero

Joey Evans, a South African rider, has always been into racing motorcycles at motocross, enduro,[...]


Rally Prep: Mental Skills

If you’re planning to race your first cross-country rally race, you already know which essentials[...]

Rally Fitness

Looking to try your first-ever cross-country rally race but not sure how to prep? Although[...]

Hellas Rally Survival: Part II

Congrats on surviving Day One of the Hellas Rally! If you managed to finish the Prologue[...]

Adventure Motorcycling vs Off-Road Riding

If you’re someone who is just starting out in the ADV and off-road riding world,[...]

Hellas Rally Raid for the First Time. Part I: Scrutineering & Prologue Stage

How in the world do you survive the Hellas Rally Raid for the first time?[...]


Surviving Hellas Rally Raid as a Newbie

Hellas Rally Raid is the biggest international rally race in Europe, attracting hundreds of competitors every[...]


KTM 690 Enduro Rally Kit

Let’s talk rally mods! If you own a KTM690 Enduro R and you want to[...]

Roadbook Navigation Kits

You’ve read about the rally prep essentials and you’ve already figured out roadbook navigation… Now[...]

Roadbook Navigation Explained

Thinking of doing your first-ever cross-country roadbook navigation rally, but the idea of navigating with[...]


Rally Bike Prep: The Essentials

Ready to rally? If you’re thinking of doing your first cross-country race, you’re probably considering[...]


Adventure Motorcycle Basics: Long Distance Touring

If you own an adventure motorcycle, you’ve likely bought it with, well, adventures in mind.[...]

Rally First-Timer: Survival Guide

If you’re a rally first-timer, entering your first race can feel like a mammoth task.[...]


Rally Footpegs: The Most Underrated Motorcycle Mod

Out of all the aftermarket motorcycle mods you can do, rally footpegs may not be[...]


What Do You Need to Race Your First Rally?

Here at Cross Country ADV, we know a thing or two about transitioning from adventure[...]


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