Iberian Rally Moves to Greece

Iberian Rally Moves to Greece // Cross Country Adventures

Were you going to race the Iberian Rally? If so, pack your panniers for Greece: according to the organizers, Iberian Rally will take place in Evia, Greece, instead of its traditional Portugal setting this year.

“After many discussions and efforts with the Portuguese federation and FIM Europe, we realized it is impossible to have the last rally of the year in Portugal. Instead, we will move it to Evia and model it after Hellas Rally Raid 2016”, the organizers commented.

The rally bivouac will be situated on a seashore with plenty of food and accommodation options. Participants can expect six days of tough navigation, beach tracks, and more.

Currently, the rally is set to take place on the 3rd or 4th week of October – follow their page for exact dates and news.

Featured image: Actiongraphers

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