KTM 690 Mods for Enduro and Rally Racing

KTM 690 mods

If you are an adventure or rally rider, you know that having the right modifications on your bike can make a significant difference in performance and handling – and KTM 690 mods are exciting, especially if you’re planning to race.

Here are some of the essential KTM 690 mods you need for dirt riding and rally racing.


The KTM 690 comes with good quality OEM wheels, but for the long term, it is suggested to use the OEM wheelset as a spare and put a HAAN or similar wheel set on the 690 with reinforced spokes, and a cush drive (rubber dampening) at the rear.

A cush drive is a rubber dampening solution in the hub, it is designed to reduce stress on drivetrain components (e.g. the gearbox), which is especially important when riding in racing conditions and on rough terrain.

KTM 690 Mods for Enduro and Rally Racing // Cross Counrty ADV


It’s best to change the silencer to a slip-on Akrapovic, Arrow, Wings, or similar. The OEM exhaust generates a lot of heat, which can lead to performance issues and discomfort for the rider.

Cooling System

The cooling system is another area where modifications can make a big difference. Some recommended cooling system mods include changing the water cooler hoses to Samco silicon hoses, changing the coolant to a high-performance option like Motorex Coolant M5.0, and changing the radiator/fan temperature sensor to start the fan at a lower (~80C) temperature instead of OEM ~95C.

These modifications can help to keep the engine running at a lower temperature and prevent overheating.

Bash Plate

A bash plate is an essential modification for any adventure or rally rider. It helps to protect the underside of the bike from rocks, debris, and other hazards that can cause damage. Aluminum or AXP Racing HDPE-plastic are the most popular options for the KTM 690.

Navigation Tower

 A handlebar-mounted navigation tower or full rally tower conversion is a must-have for any rally rider. A navigation tower allows you to mount GPS and other navigation instruments in a convenient and accessible location, making it easier to navigate while riding.

KTM 690 Mods for Enduro and Rally Racing // Cross Counrty ADV

You can either assemble your own kit or use a ready-made, complete rally navigation kit for the KTM 690.


The KTM 690 airbox is known to be restrictive, and modifying it can significantly improve performance. Rottweiler, CarbonFox, or Rade Garage airbox is the best option for the KTM 690. The Rade Garage airbox has a smaller intake surface but gives the option for an extra 6L fuel tank or extra storage for tools, first aid kit, rain jacket, etc.


We’d also recommend adding a seat cover for better grip and control; Rebel/Selle Dalla Valle is the best option for the KTM 690.

Fuel Filler Adaptor/Cap

Another KTM 690 mod that can help keep your bike in top shape is installing a fuel filler adaptor from Rally-Raid Products. This is a relatively simple upgrade that can make refueling easy. The fuel filler adaptor replaces the OEM part, it also helps prevent debris and contaminants from entering your bike’s fuel system and potentially causing damage.

We suggest you to add a Guglatech fuel filter to the intake of the fuel tank. It helps to protect your fuel pump from dirt or contaminated fuel – which is crucial when you are racing or riding at remote places of the world.

Frame, Sprocket, and Tank Mods

Upgrading the mounting bolts on the subframe and tank can help ensure that they stay secure during the rough and tumble of dirt riding and rally racing. Swapping out the OEM bolts for stronger aftermarket options (e.g. RRP bolts) can give you added peace of mind and help prevent any unexpected failures on the trail.

Another mod to consider is adding a billet sprocket guard. This makes maintenance and cleaning your chain and sprocket much easier and helps prevent mud and debris from accumulating in the sprocket guard. It’s a small but effective upgrade that can save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Finally, consider upgrading your oil pressure hose to a steel one instead of the OEM plastic option. This will help ensure that it is more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Clutch Slave Cylinder

One area where the KTM 690 has been known to have issues is with the clutch slave cylinder. The Oberon clutch slave cylinder is an aftermarket upgrade that can help alleviate these issues. It is a high-quality option that is more durable than the OEM part and less prone to leaking or failing.


The suspension on the KTM 690 is already quite good, but for serious dirt riding and rally racing, it may need to be revalved and have the springs changed to fit the rider’s weight and riding style. This is a relatively advanced modification that should be done by a professional, but it will definitely make a big difference in your bike’s handling and performance.

KTM 690 Mods for Enduro and Rally Racing // Cross Counrty ADV

Rear Sprocket

Swapping out the OEM rear sprocket for one with more teeth can help improve your bike’s performance on technical terrain. A sprocket with 48, 49, or even 50 teeth can help give you more low-end power and torque, making it easier to climb hills and navigate tricky obstacles.

Even with a larger sprocket, you’ll still be able to hit speeds of around 145-150 km/h, which is more than enough for most rally racing situations.


Finally, choosing the right tires and mousses is crucial for dirt riding and rally racing. Some great tire options for the KTM 690 include the Michelin Desert, Michelin Tracker, Metzeler MC360 mid-hard, Motoz Tractionator RALLZ, and MEFO H-400. These tires are designed to handle a variety of terrains and can help give you the grip and control you need to tackle any obstacle.

Mousses are also important for rally racing, as they eliminate the risk of flats and punctures. The MEFO MOM 21-BIG for the front and MEFO MOM 18-4 for the rear are great options that have been tested and proven in tough racing conditions.

Additional KTM 690 Mods

If you’re looking for even more performance upgrades for your KTM 690, consider checking out Rottweiler Performance’s SAS removal kit, fueling dongle, and Dynojet Power Commander. If you live in Europe, you can get these parts from Rally-Motor.nl .

These upgrades can help optimize the fuel/air mixture and ignition, improve throttle response, and give your bike a richer mixture, which can help counteract the lean mixture used to meet EURO-5 emission standards.

Rally footpegs

The final mod we recommend for the KTM 690 for dirt riding and rally racing is rally footpegs. These specialized footpegs are wider and have robust studs for better grip and comfort when standing for long periods. They are also designed to reduce the vibration transmitted to the rider’s feet, reducing fatigue and improving overall comfort. Finally, the footpegs are placed slightly lower and backward for a better riding position and better control of the rear wheel. Rally footpegs are a great investment not only for racing but for anyone looking to ride off-road for extended periods.


In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to take your bike to the next level for dirt riding and rally racing, these KTM 690 mods are a great place to start. By upgrading your wheels, exhaust, cooling system, bash plate, navigation tower, airbox, seat cover, fuel filler adaptor + filter, frame/tank bolt mods, clutch slave cylinder, suspension tuning, rear sprocket, tires/mousses, and adding rally footpegs, you can improve your bike’s performance, durability, and comfort.

Of course, each rider’s needs are different, so you should choose the mods that best fit your riding style and budget. With the right modifications, your KTM 690 can become an unstoppable machine on any terrain.

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