Rally Roundup: Rally Races to Enter in 2022

Rally Roundup: Rally Races to Enter in 2022 // Cross Country ADV

Planning to race your first rally or looking for new events to try out? In this roundup post, we’re listing some of the most promising rally races to enter in 2022:

Hellas Rally Raid, Greece

One of Europe’s biggest and best-organized rally races, Hellas should definitely make it to your bucket list. Hellas Rally Raid is a seven-day race in Greece designed for both pros and amateurs: you can choose from different classes and categories, ride without timing, or compete in your class. Both roadbook and GPS navigation are available, and you can race on any rally-ready motorcycle from 250 to 1200cc.

SWANK Sardinia Rally, Italy

Held in mainland Italy and the island of Sardinia, SWANK Sardinia rally is an original Paris-Dakar inspired event organized by Renato Zocchi, a legendary Italian rider who competed in Rally Dakar back in the 80’s. SWANK Sardinia Rally is a five-day race from Milan to Sardinia, and it’s open to both amateur and pro riders with either GPS or roadbook navigation. SWANK also boasts a fantastic Classic Bike category, so if you own a Cagiva Elephant or the original Tenere, you’ll feel like at home at the Sardinia race.

Dinaric Rally, Croatia

Dinaric Rally is a newcomer in the European rally racing scene, but it has already grown exponentially and earned a reputation of a tough yet incredibly scenic race. Dinaric Rally is a five-day rally in Croatia and Bosnia boasting gnarly, rocky terrain, wild landscapes, and different classes and categories to cater to the pros and the amateurs alike.

Greece Rally, Greece

Somewhat similar to the Hellas Rally Raid, Greece Rally (formerly known as Serres) is a six-day race open to riders of all skill levels. The terrain is gnarly and the stages, long, but it makes for an excellent training ground whether you’re doing your first rally race or want to up your skill level.

So there you have it: there’s no shortage of rally races to enter in 2022, and you can pick just one or several of them to try your mojo in the rally racing world. For more information on how to get started, check out these resources:

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