Bosnia Rally: Training to Race

Bosnia Rally: Training to Race // Cross Country ADV

Entering your first rally may sound daunting, so if you’re not quite ready to race, Bosnia Rally may be the ideal stepping stone. Set in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Bosnia training camp is a five-day event mimicking real rally conditions. You’ll stay and service your bike at the bivouac, navigate with a roadbook, and face five grueling stages across the stunning Bosnian landscape varying from muddy forest trails to fast gravel tracks and rocky mountain terrain.

Bosnia Rally: Training to Race // Cross Country ADV

However, there is no timing, eliminating the pressure to race. Participants are ranked by navigation accuracy rather than speed, making the Bosnia event a perfect training ground for riders who want to get into rally racing but feel they need a little training first.

Bosnia Rally: Training to Race // Cross Country ADV

According to rally organizer Stefan Rosner, Bosnia raid is aimed at newbies and experienced riders alike. “For those who are just starting out, there is a special LiteTrack prepared for beginners and riders with large-capacity adventure bikes. This route is adapted to heavy motorcycles in difficult sections. All participants, regardless of what class they’re in, can get this track as an option on their GPS device, and every participant can switch to the LiteTrack at any time. This way, there’s a lot less pressure if riders find the rally stages too demanding or technical but still want to finish”, Rosner explains. The terrain will vary from stage to stage, taking riders across incredible Bosnian scenery ranging from wide-open, fast tracks to narrow woodland trails and rocky hills.

Rally info:

  • Road book & GPS Navigation
  • 5 Stages / 1400km
  • Daily Briefing in German / English
  • ORGA & Medical Team
  • Bivouac
  • GPS Tracking Service

The Rally takes place in Kupres, Bosnia, July 25-31. Registration is closed for this edition, but if you’re curious about giving it a go, follow Bosnia Rally news and see if you can reserve a spot in 2022!

Images: Bastian Brusecke

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