Do you need a Motorcycle Skid Plate? Armor for Your Ride

Do you need a Motorcycle Skid Plate? // Cross Country ADV

Here at Cross Country ADV, we love debating bike mods: rally mods, adventure motorcycle mods, Yamaha Tenere 700 mods… the list goes on, but there’s one modification to rule them all: a motorcycle skid plate. If your adventure or dirt bike doesn’t have one, get one. Even if you’re just planning to ride hard-packed dirt or forest trails, get one.

Here’s why.

Why You Need a Skid Plate for Your Motorcycle: Shielding Your Underbelly

Riding off-road, even if you’re not aiming for hard enduro or tough terrain, inevitably means that your motorcycle’s undercarriage will be subjected to a relentless barrage of rocks, debris, and unexpected obstacles.

Without a skid plate, your bike’s underbelly is vulnerable to the impact of rocks and other hazards. And it’s not just about the engine case: your oil pan and other fluid-carrying components often reside perilously close to the ground. It doesn’t take much to inflict some serious damage simply by riding off-road, regardless of whether the terrain is rugged, and that’s why a solid skid plate is a must.

Motorcycle Skid Plate Comparison: GP Mucci, Carbon Fox, Black Dog

GP Mucci: Precision Perfected

Crafted with a precision that borders on artistry, GP Mucci’s skid plates stand as a testament to Italian craftsmanship. Engineered from high-grade materials, GP Mucci bash plates are both form and function. The aerodynamic design not only enhances your motorcycle’s aesthetics but also ensures optimal airflow, preventing overheating during those long rides through challenging terrain.

Carbon Fox: The Featherweight Guardian

For those who value protection without the burden of extra weight, Carbon Fox is a great choice. Utilizing advanced carbon fiber technology, these skid plates boast an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The result? Enhanced protection against impact without compromising your motorcycle’s weight.

Black Dog: Durability Meets Versatility

Black Dog’s skid plates are the embodiment of durability and versatility. Designed for rugged adventure rides, these plates offer robust protection without sacrificing flexibility. Whether you’re conquering rocky trails or cruising through sandy expanses, Black Dog’s skid plates prove to be a reliable companion, adapting to the demands of diverse terrains.

What’s the Best Skid Plate for Your Motorcycle?

Choosing the best skid plate for your motorcycle is a nuanced decision that hinges on your riding style, the type of terrain you ride, and your aesthetic preferences. Weigh the demands of your adventures and the vulnerabilities of your motorcycle against your personal style and budget. Whether you lean towards the precision of GP Mucci, the featherweight allure of Carbon Fox, or the rugged versatility of Black Dog, one thing’s for sure – investing in a decent skid plate isn’t about shiny farkles, it’s about protecting y

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