Where to Watch Rally Dakar in 2022

Where to watch Rally Dakar in 2022 // Cross Country ADV

Where to watch Rally Dakar in 2022, if you’re hoping to tune in live and track the progress of your favorite pilots?

Rally Dakar 2022 is fast approaching, and David Castera promises the race is going to be as unpredictable as ever. “As much as COVID-19 is said to interfere with taste, it has done nothing to dampen the appetite for adventure”, Castera shared. Dakar 2022 is going to be all about sand and dunes taking riders from Jeddah to the shores of the Red Sea and back.

For the first time in history, Rally Dakar 2022 is going to be part of FIA and FIM world championships. This, Castera shared, is part of a phase of the “Dakar Future” – whatever that may mean in the long run.

In 2022, Rally Dakar will start on the 1st of January and end on the 14th, unfolding in twelve stages looping from Jeddah inland and back.

Where to watch Rally Dakar in 2022 // Cross Country ADV

The best way to see the Dakar is to go to the race and follow it as a spectator. However, planning to chase the Dakar in Saudi Arabia is tricky; if you can’t go there, where to watch Rally Dakar in 2022?

Here are some ideas:

Dakar App

ASO has developed their own mobile app you can download for free. The Dakar app lets you track the results live, get news and notifications, and see where the bivouac is being set up. It’s not always accurate, but it’s a good way to keep track of the race.

Watch Rally Dakar 2022 on TV

Although Rally Dakar isn’t broadcasted as much as we’d love to, some broadcasters will feature the race. Here is a list of broadcasters that will show Rally Dakar 2022, including France TV Sport, BBC Sports, NBCSN, and Nine Sports. As a rule, the mainstream TV broadcasts of the race tend to be somewhat generic, so another good place to watch Rally Dakar in 2022 might be RedBull TV.

Follow Riders on Social Media

Tuning in to Dakar’s official Facebook pages for news is a good idea, but for more accurate updates, simply follow your favorite riders. They often post directly from the Dakar every single day sharing their struggles and progress, and it can be a much more personal way to watch Rally Dakar in 2022.

Here at Cross Country ADV, we’ll definitely be following our favorites – who are yours?

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