Hellas Rally 2022 News

Hellas Rally 2022 News // Cross Country Adventures

Hellas Rally Raid 2022 is going to be an epic race – and it’s not just because it’s Europe’s biggest and most spectacular rally event.

This year, May 22-29, Hellas is taking place in Loutraki, and the organizers promise completely new tracks. “This edition is special because we’ve designed an entirely new route. None of the tracks have been used previously, so riders – veterans and newbies alike – are in for a treat”, Meletis Stamatis, organizer of Hellas Rally, has shared.

Europe’s biggest rally raid has been going strong for over a decade now, acting as a starting trampoline for riders like Matthias Walkner who have gone to race – and win – Rally Dakar.

Despite being an excellent training grounds for the pros, Hellas Rally is especially welcoming to adventure riders and rally racing rookies, too. Among its several different categories, riders can enter on any bike between 250 and 1200 cc and race with either roadbook or GPS, or simply pick the Adventure Raid class where you’re covering some gnarly miles and staying at the bivouac but aren’t stressed out by timing.

Hellas Rally 2022 News // Cross Country Adventures

In other words, Hellas can be experienced on many levels – as a challenging race, a first-time rally run, or an adventure.

Hellas Rally Raid 2022

In addition to impeccable organization and hundreds of riders of different skill levels and goals racing together, Hellas stands out as one of the most scenic rally races in Europe. Greece is a stunning place to ride dirt, and you can expect a variety of landscapes and breathtaking views around every corner.

In terms of duration and terrain, it’s no walk in the park; in terms of logistics, it’s easy as pie since Hellas has a static bivouac meaning you don’t need to move your tent and your bike paddock every single day.

Finally, Hellas Rally Raid stands out by the spirit of camaraderie among the riders, whether they’re seasoned vets or complete newbies. And for those racing Hellas for the first time, the fear of DNF is eliminated: in the amateur classes, if a rider doesn’t finish a stage for whatever reason, he or she is allowed to start the next day, albeit with a significant time penalty.

When it comes to European rally races, Hellas has no rivals to date. If you’re planning to race Hellas Rally Raid 2022, however, hurry up and send in your registration – entries are going to be closed soon!

Not sure if you can survive Hellas as a newbie? Here are some handy resources to help you out:

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