Hellas Rally Raid 2022: Recap

Hellas Rally Raid 2022: Recap // Cross Country ADV

Hellas Rally Raid 2022 saw a record number of participants this year, including rally stars like Lyndon Poskitt. French rider Julien Jagu had won the race with Poskitt finishing second, and for hundreds of other riders, Hellas presented a serious challenge – and a chance to test their skills.

Tamas Esch of Cross Country ADV admits Hellas Rally Raid 2022 was a tough race, but as with any other rally, it’s about the lessons learned.

Hellas Rally Raid 2022: Recap // Cross Country ADV

“This was a very unique experience, and I can honestly say that Hellas is pretty brutal. I only had one small crash – I’d simply lost my focus for a second after a really long marathon stage with just twenty kilometers to the finish – but I hit the ground with my hands resulting in a few deep cuts and bruises. The riding wasn’t exactly comfortable after that, but I managed, and luckily, that was the extent of the damage.

Often, it felt pretty dangerous – riding on slippery tracks along cliff edges in the mountains, a lot of the parts felt more like an enduro race than a rally with technical section, and overall, it really was tough and exhausting.

But that’s the beauty of a challenge like this: it’s a unique experience, an excellent training exercise, and a huge improvement on your skills. I’ve learned what I need to do better next time – focus on my navigation more and ride better – but I’m stoked I crossed that finish line without any injuries or damage to my shoulder, which I still have to watch out for. Finishing was the most important goal for me – pro riders need to focus on their ranking, but for me, it was about the overall experience and that finish line, and I made it”, Tamas shares.

Hellas Rally Raid is a seven-day race with long daily distances including a marathon stage. Open to both professional riders and amateurs alike, Hellas Rally Raid is the biggest rally racing event in Europe and it welcomes riders on bikes from 250cc (or even 125cc –> @lilimay_m15) all the way to Adventure Raid participants on 1200cc motorcycles. Taking place in Greece every May, Hellas is a fantastic race to experience – if you’re up for a challenge.

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