Rally Footpegs Review: Arunas Gelazninkas

Rally Footpegs Review by Arunas Gelazninkas // Cross Country ADV

Here at Cross Country ADV, we’ve been working on perfecting our rally footpegs for years now, making them available for more and more bike makes and models. Over time, we had the footpegs tried and tested by professional rally champions, amateur racers, and adventure riders alike, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This time around, we chatted with Arunas Gelazninkas, a two-time Rally Dakar malle moto (Original by Motul) class winner. Here’s his rally footpegs review:

Originally a motocross racer, Arunas has made his rally name by entering Rally Dakar in 2019 as a rookie. Placing 24th – an incredible result for a Dakar first-timer – Arunas entered Rally Dakar again in 2020 placing 30th, and won the Original by Motul class two consecutive years after that in 2021 and 2022.

“The fact that Original by Motul, formerly malle moto, class is the most difficult in the Rally Dakar as you have no assistance and need to race and take care of your bike by yourself was what made me want to do it”, Arunas explains. According to him, every Dakar is different and every edition is a lesson, and there’s no better rally school than the Original by Motul challenge.

Rally Footpegs Review by Arunas Gelazninkas // Cross Country ADV

So what does it take to win the toughest class in the world’s toughest rally? Arunas says strategy and preparation are key. “If you’re going for the Original by Motul class, or really entering any rally race without assistance, you better make sure your bike is in top shape”, Arunas suggests.

In his rally footpegs review, Arunas mentions our footpegs allow for more stability while riding. “From the first ride, I felt more comfortable. The bigger platform gives me a better position on the bike, and the grip is excellent. Even if your foot isn’t fully on the footpeg, you still won’t slip. The footpegs are also incredibly lightweight, which is awesome. It’s not just the design, it’s the function, too – you can see the quality immediately, and, yes, these footpegs will make you a better rider!”, Arunas shares.

rally footpegs review

Have you tried our footpegs yet? If you have, leave your own rally footpegs review – we’d love to hear from you!

Images: Vytautas Dranginis/Arunas Gelazninkas

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