Rallye du Maroc Is Back On the Menu

Rallye du Maroc

Rallye du Maroc has always been one of the big North African rallies that counted as the Dakar qualifier but catered to amateur riders on the side. In 2020, Rallye du Maroc was cancelled due to COVID-19, and Andalucia Rally briefly took its place. Now, Rallye du Maroc is back – but what’s going to be different this year?

According to the organizers, fun.

“The notion of enjoyment has too often disappeared from the list of priorities of contemporary organisers. That won’t be the case in the Rallye du Maroc, rather it will be our obsession! Forget the images of stony, bumpy tracks, we will work hard to offer a balanced and enjoyable route,” – David Castera, the race director, has shared.

According to him, this year’s Rally is going to be all about the dunes, fast-flowing tracks, and navigation rather than rocky sections that causes vehicle failures and pilot injuries. In addition, Castera puts emphasis on the Enduro Cup class this year.

“The Rallye du Maroc is the shortest, the most economical, and the closest to Europe, and it’s the race where the distances aren’t excessive. In a word, it’s the most accessible rally!

I know the world of enduro well, and I know the things that stop riders from trying their hand at rally raid. It is why on Enduro Cup we must simplify the preparation. Turn up with two tyres, two mousses, and the right gear, and a device for reading the road book. It’s all you need”, Castera promises. The Enduro Cup will feature shorter stages, refueling every 100km, no riding at night, and different tracks than cars and trucks. In other words, if you’ve always wanted to race a North African rally among the pros, Maroc might be the event to do it.

This year, the Rally bivouac isn’t going to move – all five stages will be run in loops. The navigation will be colored paper roadbooks and digital versions – “a dress rehearsal before the Dakar”, Castera shared.

With the Enduro Cup entry fees starting at 3,500 euros, the Rally isn’t exactly a cheap race – but, bearing in mind that this is a Road to Dakar event, it seems Castera is hitting that sweet spot between accessible and impressive.

Ready to race? The Morocco Rally registration is still open!

Featured image: Rallye du Maroc

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