Rally Racing on a Budget: It Can Be Done

Rally Racing on a Budget: It Can Be Done // Cross Country ADV

Let’s face it, rally racing isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. Race entry and other fees aside, there’s the transport costs, bike rental or maintenance, and a whole array of smaller expenses that add up from hotel stays to fuel, tires, roadbook navigation kits, and the like. So can you go rally racing on a budget?


Here is how.

Choose Your Rally Races Wisely

First and foremost, it’s about the rally race itself. How far is it from where you’re based? Can you ride your bike there, or perhaps team up with other riders and pool resources for a van to transport all the bikes down? Choose a rally race that’s the closest to you to save on travel.

Next up, think about logistics. Pick a rally race that offers a static bivouac: if the bivouac isn’t moving with the race, the logistics will be cheaper and, chances are, the entry fees will be lower, too. Just think of Hellas Rally entry fee (around 750 euros) vs the North African rally fees (EUR 3,000 and up).

A static bivouac also means you can pull the race off on your own without assistance: after each stage, you’ll come back to the same camp where you can leave your tools and spares, patch the bike up, and hit the start line the next day.

Book Early

Pretty much all of the rally organizers offer lower entry fees for riders who register early. If you already have your sights set on a particular race, go ahead and commit – you’ll save about 15% of the entry fee cost.

In addition, registering early means you have more time to plot, plan, and scheme. Once your entry is confirmed, you can reach out to other riders and see if anyone wants to team up for transport, book hotels at better prices, and plan your bike maintenance ahead.

Rally Racing on a Budget: It Can Be Done // Cross Country ADV

Prep Your Bike

We’ll say that again: prep.Your.Bike. Going to a rally race with a motorcycle that’s barely holding together means expenses – DHL’ing parts in last-minute, buying parts at the bivouac, and relying on the rally mechanics’ assistance to help you out of a pinch last minute is expensive. Trust us, we’ve been there, and it’s costly. Instead, go through every single bolt and nut on your bike and make sure it’s in top shape – that way, you’ll only need to maintain it throughout the race instead of dealing with constant breakdowns…

Go Solo

…which brings us to the next point: going malle moto. If it’s your first rally race, that may sound scary, but if you’re fairly mechanically minded and know your bike well, you’ll be just fine. Make sure you’ve got a set of tires, your tools, your oil, and whatever other spares you may need with you, and go with the rally gods – that way, you’ll save a thick wad of cash on rally assistance. And know you’ve done it malle moto style – which, let’s face it, is a seriously cool feeling.

Rally Racing on a Budget: It Can Be Done // Cross Country ADV

Are you hoping to go rally racing on a budget? Leave a comment below or shoot us a message if you need help – we’re always rooting for the underdog!

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