Dinaric Rally Now Underway

Just last year, the Dinaric Rally was an ambitious but brand-new cross-country rally race offering riders three days of gnarly Croatian terrain and a test of endurance. This year, the rally has grown so much the organizers have added an SSV class and lengthened the stages to accommodate some of Europe’s most prominent racing teams. Four days of racing in the unforgiving Dinaric terrain has attracted Isaac Feliu (Twin Trails, Spain) and Wolfgang Payr (Rallye4U) who are preparing for Rally Dakar 2022 and use the Dinaric Rally as a training race.

In addition to professional racers, the Adventure class at the Dinaric Rally has also grown, and the interest keeps rising. “We wanted to offer a decent challenge to the pros and Dakar-focused racers, but we also welcome amateurs, adventure riders, and riders who are trying a rally race for the first time. The terrain and the endurance level will be demanding, but we think the event provides a good balance for different riders”, Perica Matijevic, organizer of the Dinaric Rally, shared today.

Dinaric Rally: First Bike Casualties and Gnarly Terrain // ADV Rider

The prologue stage was short – just eight kilometers – but it gave participants a taste of what’s to come: during the next three days, competitors will face rocky, technical terrain interspersed with deep gravel, stones, river crossings, fast sections, and just about everything in between. Tomorrow’s stage will straddle two countries – riders will loop through Bosnia – and it’s going to be a long day for both Rally and Adventure class riders, the stage spanning 350 kilometers in total.

While the Rally class is roadbook-only, Adventure and Light class riders are allowed to use GPS, making the Dinaric a perfect entry into the rally racing world.

Watch this space for more news and updates from the Dinaric Rally!

To track the results live, follow the Dinaric Rally page.

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