Race In Style: SWANK Rally Sardinia


What if there was a rally combining the elements of roadbook navigation, vintage bike nostalgia, and ridiculous fun minus the stress of timing? There is: SWANK Rally Sardinia promises riders just that. Originally created by the legendary Renato Zocchi, SWANK took a different turn in 2019 partnering up with Deus Ex Machina and offering riders a new kind of event: a rally without racing, a chance to navigate without the timing, and a gathering of like-minded souls aboard vintage motorcycles.

You don’t need a 1980’s Paris-Dakar bike to participate, however: SWANK has two categories, the R1 and R2, for vintage and new bikes respectively. SWANK participants can either choose the SWANK Experience, the non-competitive class, or the Rally version where riders will be ranked according to navigation accuracy.

The Rally starts on the 28th of September in Malpensa, Gallarate, and ends on the 2nd of October in Arborea. Each stage will average around 250km, and riders will have the option to navigate either by roadbook or GPS.

According to the organizers:


The 80’s myth returns.

The Rally starts with the technical check and prologue at the Motocross Track of Malpensa (Gallarate), starting point for the first stage which leads to Genova. After boarding on the ferry taking to Porto Torres, there are 3 more stops awaiting, from 200 to 300 km each on a completely new track.

For both Swank Experience and Swank Rally categories, the motorcycles must be road legal and are forbidden from carrying passengers.

Stages consist of transfers and Special Stages where participants have to take timing by themselves.

The organization will provide medical assistance, rescue vehicles, and luggage transport service. It won’t miss the Deus spirit and attention to detail.

Rankings & Trophies: The Swank Rally di Sardegna was created with the aim of giving all the enthusiasts the chance of experiencing a rally experience, without ranking stress; However, a little competition will make it more fun and spice it up a bit. In addition to the prize for the three best positions of the categories R1 and R2, the following prizes will be given:

Swank Prize: a special prize for anyone who’ll stand out during the event for any reason.

Precision Trophy: As it is not all about speed, there is a reward for the riders who can distinguish themselves for their navigation skills as well. The Precision Trophy, in partnership with Garmin Italia, will reward three pilots from the “experience” category who will have covered the number of kilometers closest to that indicated by the organization.

Team Trophy: For the first time ever, participants can take part in the event as a Team. There will be a specially dedicated ranking, but team members will also enter the ranking individually.

Teams can include 3 or 4 members, and they all have to be registered in the competitive categories R1 or R2.

The ranking will be calculated from the final scoreboard by summing up the times of the first 3 members of each team.

Ready to go for the SWANK prize? Get more information and register for the rally here.

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