Why You Need Better Motorcycle Foot Pegs

Why You Need Better Motorcycle Foot Pegs // Cross Country ADV

If you ride a bike, chances are, you’ve modified it to some degree – and now, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in aftermarket motorcycle foot pegs. And if so, which ones?

Motorcycle foot pegs seem like a small detail – but the devil is often in the details. Regardless of what bike you ride, motorcycle foot pegs can actually make a big difference. If you’ve got small, narrow, and cheaply made footpegs, your feet and your legs will get tired faster, and the low-quality footpegs are easy to break. This is especially important if you’re an off-road, rally, or adventure rider: most stock motorcycle foot pegs just aren’t enough.

So why do footpegs matter, and how do you choose the best ones out there?

Motorcycle Foot Pegs for Road Riders

If you ride a sport tourer, a cruiser, or a street bike, your stock motorcycle footpegs might just be enough. Since you won’t be standing up on the pegs, it’s not as crucial as it is for off-road and adventure riders. Still, there are some mods you can do: adjustable footpegs, custom footpegs, or better passenger footpegs can all make a difference. Sportier foot pegs will give you more ground clearance, while adjustable foot pegs can increase legroom.

Why You Need Better Motorcycle Foot Pegs // Cross Country ADV

Stock vs Aftermarket Foot Pegs for Dirt

When it comes to riding dirt, foot pegs can make a massive difference. Most stock footpegs are too small, don’t offer enough grip, and some can even break easily.

On dirt, footpegs are extremely important: if you ride standing up for prolonged periods of time, your feet and legs will tire quickly on narrow, uncomfortable footpegs. Slipping off a foot peg can be dangerous, especially at higher speeds; in a rally racing setting where endurance is key, having wide, well–positioned footpegs can help you cover those long distances when standing up.

Why You Need Better Motorcycle Foot Pegs // Cross Country ADV

The same goes for motocross jumps, wheelies, technical terrain, and just about any other off-road scenario. You want grip, comfort, durability, quality, and a good foot peg position – and unfortunately, few stock motorcycle foot pegs offer all of the above.

How to Choose Your Foot Pegs

So what should you look for when choosing aftermarket footpegs? First and foremost, look at quality. Most cheap footpegs are made from low-grade aluminum, which means they may break or bend. Look for foot pegs made from premium, aircraft-grade aluminum if you want them to be sturdy and last long.

Next, look at how wide the footpegs are. The wider the foot peg, the more comfort and control you have on your bike.

Finally, how is the foot peg positioned? Here at Cross Country ADV, we focus on rally footpegs that are positioned slightly lower and backward on the bike. This gives you much more control of the rear wheel – let Arunas, two-times winner of the Dakar Rally Original by Motul class, explain:

Rally footpegs explained

Not all foot pegs are created equal, so in a high-stress, all-terrain environment like a rally race, an adventure trip, or a dirt ride, do yourself a favor and get a pair that will deliver.

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