Rally Footpegs: The Most Underrated Motorcycle Mod

Rally Footpegs: The Most Underrated Moto Mod // Cross Country ADV

Out of all the aftermarket motorcycle mods you can do, rally footpegs may not be high on your priority list – but they should be. It seems like a small detail compared to mods like suspension or crash protection, but your footpegs actually determine your comfort on the bike and, as a direct result, your performance. Stock footpegs are rarely up to the task if you race rallies, ride off-road for prolonged periods of time, or go on long-distance adventure motorcycle trips. When you stand on your pegs for long periods of time, you need them to be solid, wide enough for comfort and offering a good grip without destroying the soles of your boots.


Good aftermarket rally footpegs will help you control the bike better in any conditions; after all, your footpegs are the main contact point of your motorcycle when riding off-road. That’s why here at Cross Country ADV, we created a set of rally footpegs suitable for racing, off-road riding, and adventure motorcycling, especially if you spend long hours in the standing position.


Rally Footpegs at Cross Country ADV

We decided to develop a completely new set of footpegs because while there are plenty of aftermarket options already available, none of them have the specs we wanted to see on our bikes. For one, KTM does not have rally footpegs for the EXC models since 2017, and let’s face it, the 500 EXC is becoming more and more popular among rally racers and adventure riders alike. For another, we wanted to see rally footpegs that are indestructible, built well, and have a bigger, wider diameter offering more comfort and control for long distances.


Our footpegs are designed for extreme use: CNC-machined for aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, these babies are aimed at riders who put their bikes through some serious abuse. We also shifted the center of gravity back and down by 4mm – it may not seem like much, but details like that can actually offer you better control of the rear wheel.

Rally Footpegs: The Most Underrated Moto Mod // Cross Country ADV

Finally, these footpegs will not tear up the soles of your boots, and they feature replaceable spikes in case of wear. They offer better grip and have durable coating, which means they won’t look like scrap yard material after a couple of months of intense use. In fact, we’re so confident these rally footpegs are a fantastic option we offer a lifetime warranty: if you manage to destroy them, we’ll replace them, no questions asked.

Fitting Your Footpegs

So, are these rally footpegs for you? Even if you aren’t a rally rider but often find yourself tearing up some gnarly terrain or doing long-distance adventure touring, chances are, your stock footpegs simply aren’t up to the task. Cross Country ADV rally footpegs are dead-easy to install, and they will last you a lifetime (if they don’t, we’ll send you a new pair free of charge).

Ready to roll? Get your rally footpegs here!

Rally Footpegs: The Most Underrated Moto Mod // Cross Country ADV

Our footpegs are compatible with these motorcycle makes and models:

EXC 250-350-450-500, from 2014- onwards
450 Rally Factory Replica
690 Enduro
790 + 890 Adventure
950 Adv + 950 SE (Super Enduro)
990 Adventure
1050, 1090, 1150, 1190 Adventure
1290 Super Adventure

FE 250-350-450-501, from 2014- onwards
701 Enduro + LR

WR/YZ 250-450, from 2012- onwards
T7 – TÉNÉRÉ 700

CRF 450
CRF 1000/1100 Africa Twin

Coming soon:

We started to develop the Rally/ADV dual purpose footpegs for BMW F650/700/800/850 GS and R1200/1250 GS models and for SUZUKI DR, DRZ models also. New footpegs will be available in our webshop from 1st of June, 2021.

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