About us

Cross-Country ADV is a small company with big goals fuelled by passion for motorcycles, adventure riding, and rally racing. Tamas Esch, the heart and soul of Cross Country ADV, is obsessed with rally racing and sharing the passion: coming from an adventure riding background himself, Tamas is all about helping other riders achieve their rally dreams. In essence, rally racing is all about ordinary people doing the extraordinary – and we’re here to help you do exactly that, no matter your background, the bike you own, or your riding experience.

Based in heart of Europe, we also design and produce parts and accessories for motorcycles (e.g. rally footpegs) and build custom rally bikes, as well as offer rally support for amateur riders.

We are distributors of popular brands related to rally racing, such as F2R and MigTec roadbook holders, RNS and ICO tripmasters and navigation accessories, FLEXX (Fasst Co) handlebars, and retailers of Acerbis fuel tanks and plastics, Selle Dalla Valle seat covers, Rally-Raid products, BRP rubber mounts, Scotts steering dampers, Athena/GET rally ECUs and HAAN rally wheels.

We are also proud of being official distributor of REBEL (@rebelxsports), the biggest manufacturer of premium quality rally navigation towers.

Dedicated to help amateur riders

Entering the rally racing world as an amateur rider can be intimidating, so we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Need some advice? Rally and roadbook navigation training? Bike rental and assistance? We’ve got you covered: Cross Country ADV works closely with the Hungarian Motorsport Association, and we also help riders enter international rallies like Hispania and Hellas. We provide bike rental and rally assistance service to help riders achieve their goals while following their dreams.

From Zero to Dakar

For Tamas, racing Rally Dakar has been a dream ever since he got hooked on rally events. Coming from adventure riding, Tamas knew that there had to be more to it than simply pottering around off-road trails. Intrigued by the Dakar world, Tamas bought a KTM 450 and began entering rallies himself. Curiosity became obsession, and Tamas was on his way to compete in the bigger international desert rallies to pave the way for the ultimate dream… Until a bad crash shattered it all.

Racing the Dubai International Baja in 2019, Tamas crashed cresting a dune and broke his shoulder to pieces. The muscles were torn and the bone was smashed so badly the doctors told him he would never ride again, but Tamas refused to give up and after months of follow-up surgeries, physiotherapy, and intense hard work, Tamas is back in the saddle riding, training, and racing again.

“Nothing is impossible” is his motto, and he loves sharing his rally experience and passion with others. If you‘re thinking of entering your first rally race, having someone like Tamas in your corner is invaluable.

„I’m certain that anyone who has the ambition and determination can get from zero riding experience to the finish line of Dakar Rally. It’s matter of time, passion, focus, and hard work, but it is achievable. With the right mindset, I have no doubt I can help others to reach their offroad dreams“. – Tamas Esch

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