Hispania Rally: The Wild Edition

Hispania Rally: The Wild Edition // Cross Country Adventures

2021 has been a turbulent year for Jairo Segarra and Domingo Aguilar, organizers of the Hispania Rally. Due to COVID 19-related issues, the rally was postponed and could not take place at its usual time in March. Now, however, Hispania is back with a bang: starting October 16, the rally will kick off in Manzaneda, Orense, and put the participants through their paces totaling 1,500 kilometers of gnarly Galician terrain.

Hispania Rally: The Wild Edition // Cross Country Adventures
Photo by Actiongraphers | www.actiongraphers.com

The fourth edition of Hispania Rally promises scenic landscapes, tough terrain, and plenty of racing thrill. Open to riders on bikes ranging from 250 to 1300 cc, Hispania will have a static bivouac this year making logistics easy; the Manzaneda ski resort facilities will be open to riders during the rally.

According to organizers, this Hispania Rally edition is called Wild Spain to highlight the enigmatic mountain region of Galicia. Last year, Hispania took place in the Gorafe Desert, Andalucia, offering countless fast-flowing tracks, sandy trails, and jaw-dropping Badlands scenery. This time around, it’s all about mountains and gnarly local trails.

Hispania Rally: The Wild Edition // Cross Country Adventures
Photo by Actiongraphers | www.actiongraphers.com

The rally is going to stretch over a prologue stage and five days of racing, covering over 1,500 kilometers. To date, over 180 participants are gearing up to race Hispania, and a team of over fifty members of staff is overseeing safety, medical and technical assistance, and emergency services throughout the race.

As European rallies go, Hispania is positioned somewhere in the middle: exciting enough for pro-level riders yet accessible for amateurs and newbies, Hispania offers the ideal balance between challenge and adventure. If you’re considering racing your first rally, Hispania can be a fantastic entry event to give you a taste of the rally and building confidence while still throwing a decent challenge in terms of endurance, terrain, and navigation.

The Wild Spain edition of Hispania Rally is still open for registration, so if you’re itching to give rally racing a go, this might be the perfect chance to dip your toes – and tires – into the rally world.

Images: Actiongraphers

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