Defying Stereotypes: Meet Eliza, a Moto Badass and Founder of MEFO Sport Polska

In a world where gender stereotypes persist, breaking through barriers and pursuing your passion can be an uphill battle. This is the story of Eliza Mozdyniewicz , founder of MEFO Sport Polska, a remarkable woman who defied societal norms to carve out her own path in the male-dominated world of motorcycling.

Fuel in the Blood

Born into a family deeply rooted in automotive history, Eliza inherited her love for all things motorized from her grandfather. Growing up surrounded by cars, trucks, and motorcycles, she found solace in the sounds of engines and the scent of fuel. For her, being a motorhead was more than just a hobby: it was in her blood.

Meet Eliza, the Moto Badass at MEFO Sport// Cross Country ADV

However, Eliza faced significant obstacles when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a truck driver. In a time when women were not readily accepted in the profession, she encountered closed doors and skepticism from transport companies. Determined to prove her worth, she enhanced her qualifications and ultimately took matters into her own hands by establishing her own transport company.

Her passion for motorcycles became an integral part of her life, both as a hobby and a business venture. With a scarcity of motorcycles in her local market at the time, she seized the opportunity to import sought-after models from Western Europe. Despite encountering legal and logistical challenges, she persisted, establishing a representative office and expanding her offerings to include renowned brands.

Facing adversity on multiple fronts, Eliza battled hackers, unhealthy competition, and gender bias.

“I’d get calls from customers who insisted they’d only talk to a man about my merchandise or hang up the phone after being told that they’ll have to speak to a woman. I was told I wouldn’t succeed”, Eliza shares.

Yet, she persevered, thriving in the industry for over 19 years and earning the respect of customers and colleagues alike. Through her success, she has opened doors for other women, fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within her business.

Meet Eliza, the Moto Badass at MEFO Sport// Cross Country ADV

Changes in the Moto Industry

While her professional journey has been demanding, Eliza finds solace and fulfillment on the open road. Riding her beloved motorcycles, she explores remote areas and revels in the tranquility of nature. As the world becomes increasingly crowded and stressful, she cherishes these moments of freedom and connection with the environment.

Reflecting on her experiences, Eliza emphasizes the importance of starting with off-road riding, as it builds essential skills and a deep understanding of motorcycle control. She encourages people to embrace motorcycling as a means of fostering physical fitness, mental well-being, and lifelong passions.

Meet Eliza, the Moto Badass at MEFO Sport// Cross Country ADV

Beyond her personal achievements, Eliza notices the changes in the motorcycle industry, where commercialization and online sales have diminished personal connections and satisfaction of face-to-face interactions. She mourns the loss of small family businesses and longs for the return of genuine customer experiences.

“Whatever I do in my life, be it for pleasure or for work, I always give it my best and put my whole heart into it, and I hope clients see it and appreciate it. I’m not saying it’s easy – it’s a very heavy piece of bread, especially in recent years. So many great companies with which I had almost family contacts disappeared from the market. I don’t like the direction it’s going: it’s always been important for me to hear from a satisfied customer who comes back not necessarily for shopping, but to tell me about the product, how it worked, about the journey he or she went through. For me, the greatest has always been satisfied customers (who mostly became friends). Unfortunately, online sales have changed that for the worse. Sure, it’s better for business, everything is faster and more efficient, but people still have less and less time”, Eliza shares.

Why We Ride

As Eliza shares her thoughts, it becomes evident that motorcycles are not merely machines to her: they are companions, confidants, and sources of inspiration. From the smell of fuel to the sounds of roaring engines, every aspect of motorcycling resonates with her core being.

Eliza is mostly found riding her KTM 690 RFR Rally Factory Replica with modifications for traveling – this is one of those bikes she’d been dreaming of for a long time. In addition, she loves her heavily modified BMW ST 800, her Paris Dakar Classic Limited-Edition BMW 1000, and her Cafe Racer BWM 1000.

“Finally, there’s the SHERCO 300 trial bike, and for Sunday relaxation, my beloved military Indian 741 in original condition”, Eliza smiles.

Having entered the world of racing when she was young, Eliza recalls that times were different back then: while there may have been fewer riders, they were truly obsessed with motorcycling.

“Now, you can just go and buy whatever bike you want – it’s so much more accessible and easier. Rally racing is now more results driven as riders need to account for their sponsors. I compete less and less since it takes lots of time to prep and race rallies – when you run a business, there’s less time for stuff like this – but I still organize events”, Eliza says.

Eliza’s love for motorcycles goes far beyond the thrill of speed and the mechanics of the machine. It is a deep-rooted passion that encompasses the essence of freedom, exploration, and connection with nature.

For Eliza, the allure of motorcycles lies in the solitary journeys she embarks on through the untamed wilderness. Whether it’s navigating gravel roads, forests, mountains, or meadows, she finds solace in the serenity of abandoned and rarely frequented routes. It is in these moments that she feels truly alive and in tune with her surroundings.

Meet Eliza, the Moto Badass at MEFO Sport// Cross Country ADV

Eliza is drawn to the challenges that lie on untested, uphill roads, knowing that they hold the promise of adventure. She craves the unknown and the anticipation of what awaits around the next bend: each new adventure becomes a source of learning, teaching her valuable lessons along the way.

To Eliza, her motorcycle is more than a machine; it is a trusted friend, a family member, a source of support and comfort. It becomes a companion on her solitary adventures, a soul mate that shares in her yearning for freedom.

In the end, Eliza’s love for motorcycles encompasses a sense of freedom, a connection with nature, and a celebration of the unpredictable.

In a world where stereotypes persist and barriers seem insurmountable, Eliza’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, passion, and resilience. She has shattered glass ceilings, defied expectations, and created her own path in an industry that initially rejected her.

Eliza’s story serves as a powerful reminder that pursuing your dreams is worth every challenge faced. By staying true to yourself and wholeheartedly embracing what you love, extraordinary achievements can be realized.

She is an inspiration for all those who dare to challenge the status quo, fight against gender biases, and pursue their passions unapologetically. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s dreams, regardless of societal limitations.

Meet Eliza, the Moto Badass at MEFO Sport// Cross Country ADV

About MEFO Sport Polska:

MEFO Sport Polska is a well-known company specializing in the production and distribution of top-notch motorcycle accessories.

MEFO Sport Polska offers a wide range of products designed to enhance the riding experience and meet the needs of every type of rider. The extensive collection includes tires, grips, handlebars, chains, sprockets, exhaust systems, and much more. Whether you ride on the road or off-road, MEFO Sport Polska has accessories to optimize your bike’s performance and ensure your safety.

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