What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022

What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022 // Cross Country ADV

Dinaric Rally 2022 is the third edition of a race that cropped up in Croatia in 2020 and took Europe by storm. With humble beginnings and plenty of passion, Dinaric Rally 2022 is going to be a five-day, FIM-licensed race taking place in Knin, Croatia, this August 21-27.

What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022 // Cross Country ADV

The event has grown so much it’s now seeing both pro racers and rally newbies entering the rally in droves, and the organizers are promising more spectacular terrain, longer stages, a dip into Bosnia and Hercegovina, and bigger bivouac.

“What’s different this year? The Dinaric Rally 2022 is going to be a FIM-licensed race, and we’ve also made some changes in the tracks, marathon stages, and prologue. The prologue is going to be around fifty kilometers so riders can warm up and get used to the roadbook. The marathon stages will take place in Bosnia and Hercegovina this year. Both days, riders will tackle around 300km of special stages, stay in Kupres (Bosnia) overnight, and loop back into Croatia. Both hotel and camping options are available in Kupres”, Perica Matijevic, organizer of the rally, has shared.

What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022 // Cross Country ADV

Dinaric Rally 2022 Promises More Fast Sections

According to Perica, the difficulty of terrain will not be as tough as last year. “We will have more forest trails, open spaces, and fast sections. We’ll also have some more water crossings; most tracks will be different than last year’s, and as always, we’re promising some seriously breathtaking landscapes.

What’s New at the Dinaric Rally 2022 // Cross Country ADV

In comparison to last year’s edition, we’ll have food and drinks available at the bivouac. The bivouac itself will be a bigger as we have more participants – I’m expecting at least two hundred motorcycle competitors.

When it comes to quads and SSVs, we’re considering scrapping the class altogether since we’ve learned that four wheels aren’t really suitable for this area. The terrain might just be too tough for them, and at the same time, they’re a lot more destructive to the environment. I think the motorcycle pilots will be happy about this news – SSVs and quads with motorcycles just don’t mix well. We only have two quads registered for this edition.

What else is new? We will have better roadbook this year, and for the ADV class, riders will have the option to navigate with both GPS and roadbook”, Perica told us.

There are over twenty riders registered for the FIM cup, and about twenty percent of riders are in the ADV/Dare category.

“We hope the Dinaric Rally will become a starting point for them in their rally journey – we love encouraging new riders to enter the rally world. I’m already seeing some riders who raced the Dinaric in the ADV class coming back in rally classes this year, and this is something that really makes me proud. The Dare category is created specifically for rally newbies: there will be no ranking, but riders will have to complete the stages within a certain time frame, and finishing will be a win.


In addition, this will be the safest rally yet – most of the Dinaric ORGA has a mountain search and rescue background, and the safety of our riders is of utmost importance to us”, Perica added.

If you’re considering your first rally race, the Dinaric Rally 2022 might be a great option – it’s a fantastic training grounds for the pros, but it’s equally welcoming (and challenging!) for complete newbies. You can race on anything between 250 and 1300cc, and the registration is still open.

Images: Actiongraphers

Dinaric Rally 2022 In a Nutshell:

August 21-27

5 racing days / stages

Loop stages

Marathon Stage (BiH, August 25 and 26)

Scoring for FIM Europe TT Rally Cup

Non – FIM Roadbook Category

ADV Classes

Images: Actiongraphers/Dinaric Rally

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